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Mach Robotics 🇲🇾 presents

High Performance CNC Metal Cutting Machine
using Plasma or Flame Cutting Technology.

Starting from RM58,000
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MYCUT ECO CNC now comes with Plasma Pierce Mark Technology!
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Choose either one
Starting at RM58,000 for 4'x8'
+ Huayuan 63A CNC Plasma Cutter
Starting at RM58,000 for 4'x 8'
+ CNC Oxy Torch System
Want to cut different plate size, cutting thickness, material or multi-torch?
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Mach Robotics CNC Manufacturer

Designed for Small & Medium
Metal Fabricators

  • 👍🏻 Optimised Design
  • 👍🏻 Easy Operation
  • 👍🏻 Low Running Costs

Proven track record (20 years) in designed the most Affordable & Powerful CNC cutting machines in the Malaysia market. All our CNC Cutting Machines are Built To Order, according to your production requirements.


Bullet Proof, Industrial Grade CNC Cutting Controllers

Industrial ARM + FPGA based CNC Controllers ensure excellent stability on long hours, capable of withstanding 3 continuous shifts (24 non-stop hours). Built-in with powerful features commonly available in High-Definition CNC Cutting Machines (RM200k - 800k price tag).

  • Built-in 46 Shape Cutting Library
  • ProNest, FastCAM, SigmaNest, StarCAM compatibility
  • Integrated Array Part Nesting
  • Dynamic Cut Kerf Adjustment
  • Built-in Memory + USB Port for External Drive
  • Support Flame & Plasma Operation
  • 2-point Auto Plate Aligment/Rotation
  • Foward Cut & Reverse Path Search
  • Realtime Cut Speed Adjustment
  • Skip to Pierce or Cut Line
  • Plate Edge Cutting

Light, Medium or Heavy Production?

No matter what size you require, we got it covered. All CNC Cutting Machines from Mach Robotics are Built-to-Order. We cover the plate sizes below:

  • 4' x 4' Table Style CNC (Small Fabrication Shop, Garage, Hobby, University)
  • 4' x 8' Table Style CNC (Small & Medium Engineering Workshop)
  • 5' x 10' Table Style CNC (Small & Medium Engineering Workshop)
  • 8' x 20' Gantry Style CNC (Medium & Large Engineering Workshop)
  • 10' x 60' Gantry Style CNC (Medium & Large Engineering Workshop)

What is Table Style & Gantry Style? 🤔

  • Table Style: Integrated Cutting Table with Cutting Machine.
    Suitable for material 0.5 - 25mm (1 inch)
  • Gantry Style: Cutting Table seperated from Cutting Machine.
    Suitable for material above 30 - 50mm (2 inch)

Mach Robotics MYCUT ECO (Plasma) RM58,000 starts with 4' x 8' CNC Plasma System using Huayuan 63A. For other cutting thickness & cutting plate size, WhatsApp Mr Teh here.

Mach Robotics After Sales Support

Full After Sales Support

Because we (Mach Robotics) manufacture our own machines, we can provide unparallel support to our clients:

  • WhatsApp (Same Day)
  • Phone / Messaging (Same Day)
  • Internet Remote-Online Computer for CAM Software (same day, booking & appointment)
  • On-site Support (booking & appointment)
  • Re-training (booking & appointment)
  • Spare Parts Availability 70% in-house ready for electronics, 50% in-house available for mechanical (booking & appointment)

Plasma Cutting with Mach Robotics

Plasma Cutting is best known for cutting Mild steel, Stainless steel, Aluminium, GI Plate and other materials that conduct electricity well, with good cutting speed.

Mach Robotics supplies affordable CNC plasma cutters ranging from 0.5mm to 45mm cutting thickness capacity, with min. 6mm hole cutting. Cutting holes below < 6mm can be achieved using Mach Robotics' Plasma Pierce Mark Cutting Technology.

Huayuan LGK Plasma Cutters by Mach Robotics

Plasma 63 Amp to 200 Amp Cutting

Huayuan's LGK Plasma Cutters are best in class for performance & reliablity. Mach Robotics supplies the following Huayuan LGK Plasma Cutters:

  • Huayuan 63A: 0.5mm to 6mm quality cut, 10mm max pierce 🔥
  • Huayuan 100A: 0.5mm to 12mm quality cut, 18mm max pierce 🔥🔥
  • Huayuan 120A: 0.5mm to 15mm quality cut, 25mm max pierce 🔥🔥🔥
  • Huayuan 200A: 1mm to 25mm quality cut, 45mm max pierce 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Mach Robotics MYCUT ECO (Plasma) RM58,000 starts with 4' x 8' CNC Plasma System using Huayuan 63A. For other cutting thickness & cutting plate size, WhatsApp Mr Teh here.

Integrated Smart THC

Mach Robotics' CNC Plasma Cutting System comes with a Microprocessor controlled Torch Height Control (THC) system. Operators no longer need to constantly take care of the machine, the CNC does it all.

Smart THC Features:

  • Automatic THC during Cutting ensures correct cutting height during operation
  • Initial Height Sensing Automatic plate detection/scanning before plasma pierce
  • Collision Detection Protect cutting torch from mechanical collision from any angle
  • Real-time Height Override Immediately adjust cutting height while cutting

Mach Robotics' Plasma Pierce Marking Technology

CNCs with Pierce Mark Technology will automatically "mark" cutting plate on hole center, similar to a small centre punch mark. This technology will allow fabricators to tap & drill holes as small as Ø 2mm.

Mach Robotics Plasma Pierce Mark Technology

Plasma Pierce Mark Applications

  • Automate Plate Marking with AutoCAD
  • Automatic Drill & Tap Center Hole Punch
  • Mark Welding Points
  • Mark Bending Points

Mach Robotics' Plasma Pierce Mark Technology is an pioneering innovation by Mach Robotics Malaysia. Only CNC Cutting Machines manufactured by Mach Robotics have this feature. It's safe to say other Malaysia CNC machine suppliers do not have this technology at all.

"We are not a trading house, we are the only local CNC manufacturer in Malaysia that continues to put innovation in powerful & affordable CNC Cutting machines." — Mr Teh

Flame Cutting with Mach Robotics

Flame Cutting, Gas Cutting, or Oxygen/Oxy Cutting are popular methods of cutting low-carbon, low-alloy steels (Mild Steel, Hardox) and corroded/rusted steels. Flame cutting can maintain higher cutting precision for extremely thick steel cutting with affordable costs.

Mach Robotics supplies CNC flame cutting systems ranging from 10mm to 75mm cutting thickness capacity, with min. 15mm hole cutting. We recommend Oxygen + LPG Propane (Cooking) Gas using Koike 106-D7 Nozzles.

Is CNC flame cutting hard to use?

Flame Cutting in today's CNC systems are technologically advanced. Operating a CNC flame cutting machine is as easy as operating a CNC plasma cutting machine.

Flame Cutting Features:

  • Automatic Capacitive THC Height Sensing ensures correct cutting height during operation
  • Dynamic Preheat/Pierce Timer Control Pierce or Extend Preheat on-the-fly during each plate piercing
  • Collision Detection Protect cutting torch from mechanical collision from any angle
  • Real-time Height Override Immediately adjust cutting height while cutting

Mach Robotics MYCUT ECO (Oxy) RM58,000 starts with 4' x 8' CNC Oxy/LPG Gas System up to 50mm. For other cutting thickness & cutting plate size, WhatsApp Mr Teh here.

Machine Specifications

For MYCUT ECO 4'x 8' Plasma CNC (RM58,000) or MYCUT ECO 4'x 8' Oxy CNC (RM58,000)

Choose your cutting process Plasma Oxy
Cutting Size 1,220mm x 2,440mm
Machine Dimensions Est. 3,000mm x 5,000mm
Recommended Work Area Est. 5,000mm x 8,000mm
Machine Weight Est. 1500kg
Brand Mach Robotics
Product Origin Malaysia
Manufacturer Mach Robotics
Power Requirements 3-Phase 60-65A w/ Neutral & Earth 3-Phase 13-20A w/ Neutral & Earth
Gas Requirements Compressed & Filtered Air, Clean Dry, Oil-free (6-7 bar) Min 99.5% Oxygen, LPG Gas, with Regulator
XY Motor Precision Step/Servo Motor System
Z Motor Smart Arc Voltage THC Motor Control Smart Capacitive THC Motor Control
Quality Cut Thickness Range 0.5 to 6mm 10 to 50mm
Max. Cut Thickness 10mm 50mm
Cutting Tool Huayuan 63A w/ CNC Plasma Torch CNC Oxy Torch

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Q: What should I prepare as a customer, after confirmation & down payment?

  • Prepare Leveled Foundation for Cutting Machine
  • Prepare 2 units of 10” copper rod grounded to earth, with earth ground resistance of less than 5 ohm for each rod.
  • Prepare Power Requirements according to Machine Specifications
  • Prepare Gas Requirements according to Machine Specifications
  • Prepare Machine Operator with CAD Knowledge & Basic Computer Skills (1 day training)
  • Prepare Windows Computer in Office + Min. 2GB USB (we will install & training CAM Software with your computer)
  • Customer self unloads cutting machine to desired location, prepare unloading equipment (crane, forklift, etc).

Q: I have different cutting size, thickness & requirements.

A: Yes, all our machines are Built-to-Order according to customer requirements. Please contact us for free price quote.


Can I finance the purchase of MYCUT ECO or other machines?

Yes, all Mach Robotics can be financed through our financing partners. To get started, let us know your product requirements and business contact information. We will then pass these information to our financing partners and they will get in touch with you directly.

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